Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Some Miscellaneous Thoughts

I have several thoughts to share with you today.

Today i was thinking about why I love working from home. I got out of bed, hung some wool to dry that had been soaking all night, made Taylor breakfast, made coffee, put on a dye pot, had some breakfast myself, cleaned a little, now I"m messing around on the internet, and then I'm going to spin for an hour or so while T plays. My entire day will be like that. Work some, play some, work some, eat some, work some, clean some, work some, go to bed. That's my kind of day.

ALso, I'm super excited to say that some of my Swiss Chard hand spun yarn has been nominated on Etsy Voter: Which Handspun Yarn Makes You Feel Crafty? Not only am I so honored to be up there with so many super fabby spinners- but it's also super cool to have such a big spotlight on spinning!

Check out what some handspun that makes me feel crafty!

I suppose I have some other things to say, but they will have to wait for another day- my daughter has decided enough is enough.

Happy 9-9-09!

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