Saturday, June 5, 2010

Maine Fiber Frolic

Today we took a family trip to the Windsor Fair Grounds for the 10th Annual Fiber Frolic! The weather was terrible, but we had a blast anyway.

There were lots of beautiful animals to see and friendly fiber folks to chat up!

TT and Evan did a lot of wandering while I searched through the fleece tent. They are always so patient with me when I'm having a fiber attack.

Oh the fleece tent... I pretty much lost my mind for an hour as I went through ALL the fleeces for sale! Merino, Alpaca, Corriedale, Lincoln, Coopworth, Romney, Border Leicester, and on and on and on, black, brown, white, gray... in a word, heaven.

Finally, I settled on some heather gray Lincoln locks and some super crimpy Corriedale.

Yay! I'm super excited about this last round of farm fresh fleece! I will be washing and dyeing all this week and hopefully will start my turbo carding session by next weekend!

Happy Saturday!



  1. Such beautiful fiber! I love the curls and crimps. Can't wait to see your new batts - I assume you're creating batts...? TT's adorable, btw. :)

  2. Hi hun! Jealous b/c I want to go to a wool/yarn fair. Haven't bought anything in a bit, but that will soon change >:) miss u!



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