Monday, February 7, 2011

Fiber Binge: SpringTreeRoad

Hi All!

I have to confess, I've been on a fiber binge. In the past I have been very good at squirreling my money away but, since I've been on sabbatical, I have been unable to control myself! I have been scooping up fiber from all over the inter web. I won't get into the whole who and what yet, instead I will reveal my new stash as I work on it. If you are interested in following along there will be constant updates on Flickr.

This weekend I had the pleasure of spinning some BFL/Silk roving that was hand dyed by the lovely Mya of SpringTreeRoad.

Image Courtesy of SpringTreeRoad.

This fiber was a real treat to spin! The color was rich and the transitions were flawless! I pulled the roving apart in 4 equal section and spun worsted/woolen without pre-drafting and then plied. The finished yarn is approximately 280 yards and averages worsted weight.

Me thinks I will knit this, Sprouting Cloche from Brave New Knits, which my love got me for my Birthday! But, not until I finish the sweater I am currently working on...more on that later.

Be well, be positive & rest.



  1. Need I say how lovely that yarn is? :)

  2. that's the hotness right there, girl! :) looks gorgeous!



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