Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Elections & Knitting...the important things in life.

Hello! Happy Election Day! Elliot and I voted first thing this morning after we took Taylor B. to school. Elliot was pretty excited to take part in her first Presidential Election!
That was a lot of exclamation points there, but voting really is very exciting.
I'm certainly not one to get all political on my blog about cozy crafts. However, I do want to say, GO VOTE! Both Elliot and I think that's what is really important.
Now onto other news, I have scheduled a shop update tonight! I thought while everyone would be glued to their computers for constant election updates you may as well treat yourself to some yarn porn. You can follow along with my shop update live via twitter by following @ontheround or on my Facebook Fan Page.
Tonight I will be listing a few handspun yarns, some polwarth/silk batts and romney (as in the fleece, not the electoral candidate) batts for spinning and felting, and my latest hand dyed yarn offerings.
The hand dyed yarn is a new base that I am so excited to be offering. It is a heavy worsted, single ply fine count wool that is absolutely soft and squishy! I am so pleased with this yarns loftiness, it's soft hand, and how beautifully it takes dye!
My newest hand dyed yarn is of the same quality that you have come to expect from ontheround yarns, but a bit more affordable. The best part is, I am able to offer this line in larger dye lots! Yay sweater knitting!
I'm sensing a KAL in the near future.....
Speaking of sweater knitting! Obviously I had to keep some of my new hand dyed yarn for myself! Sample knitting....of course, strictly business.
This yarn is totally perfect for Imogen, by Perl Grey, a simple chick shawl collar cardigan. I knit Imogen last year at this same time for my friend Holly and have been wanting to knit myself one ever since.
Holly chose Manos del Uruguay Wool Classica in a sage green for her Imogen, but I really wanted something more colorful and crazy for myself and to use my own OTR yarn. I chose "Peafowl" a hand painted skein of turquoise, greens, and browns. The drape is perfect and I love the way the browns are popping in and out while the turquoise and green flow more subtly. I am moving right a long on the back panel and I am hoping to finish up tonight. There will be plenty more of this colorway available in this evening shop update!
So now I must focus and get some work done. I've got lots of yarn to label for tonight's update. If you are following a long, I'd love to hear from you!
Be well, be positive, and go VOTE!

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  1. i've been eyeing those soft squishy handdyed bundles of awesomeness since yesterday. they look awesome!!!!!! cant wait for the shop update :)



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