Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Making of a Handspun Sweater Lot

A few weeks ago, Rohn Strong posted this image to his Facebook page. He thought this would make a great yarn colorway, and frankly I had to agree. Everything about this picture speaks to me, I knew it would be perfect for my first handspun yarn sweater lot.

I've been working through a bump of corriedale wool and new that I could get the colors to translate perfectly onto the wool. I chose to do two, 1 lb dye lots using similar colors.  First I dyed one, and then I re-used the original water and built my second round of colors off of leftover dye from the first lot. 

You can see that each pound of wool turned out different, but similar. The subtle differences would provide lots of depth in the finished yarn. I used the fractal spinning method that I typically use and spun 4, 4oz singles out of each pound of wool.  

It took me a long time to spin 8- 4 oz bobbins. A bit longer than usual in this case because my focus was interrupted by wholesale orders and fiber prep.

Once all the singles were spun I had to wind them off into center pull balls. I don't normally do this as I prefer to spin off the bobbin, but I ran out of bobbins!

And there you have it! 2 lbs, or 8, 4 oz skeins of handspun yarn! Each worsted weight skein is approximately 150 yards so, 1200 yards total in the lot!

This colorway is currently available as the whole lot for ONE WEEK. Next Saturday I have a show at One Lupine Fiber Art in Bangor, Maine and this lot will be coming with me and up for individual sale.

This handspun sweater lot is now available in my Etsy Shop, to purchase click, here.


  1. I love using the fractal method. It's so fun to see how it all combines.



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