Sunday, January 11, 2009

Adventures in Spinning Part 1

I've mentioned before that I got an antique spinning wheel for Christmas. Now, I knew that it was a spinning wheel, but that was about it. That was roughly three weeks ago.

In that time I learned that I didn't have a bobbin or a flyer, found one antique flyer with bobbin on ebay, bought it (shipped in from London), made a new driving band, repaired the bobbin that came in from London (with sculpie and gorilla glue), made two new leather bearing (sacrificing one of my fathers old belts), figured out that the yarn doesn't actually go around the wheel that is just what makes the flyer go, and a lot of other little details in between that I won't bore you with.

This morning, I put it all together (with a lot of help from my mother's boyfriend, Roland) and sat down for a spin. Although it was far from beautiful homespun yarn, it certainly was homespun yarn. And I did all of this before even getting to the chapter on spinning in The Joy of Spinning.

I don't know, I'm feeling pretty bad ass right now.

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