Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What's In A Name?

There has been a lot of tweets on Twitter about names. It's been interesting to see how people chose their titles and how they feel about them. All this chatter has been making me think about my chosen alias.

I go by ontheround- obviously.

It's interesting because I consider ontheround to be an actual part of my identity. I am ontheround. If someone were to yell out, "Hey ontheround!" I would respond.

I like my name to be written like this: rAchel.jones and I like On The Round to be written like this: ontheround. Spell check and I are always fighting about that.

rAchel.jones was always my "brand name" in college, but when I started my Etsy shop I wanted something more subtle. I spent a lot of time brainstorming and thinking about a name that I could grow with. I wanted it to be something that represented my beliefs about life/ lifestyle and my love for fiber, with the possibility of creating an attitude/way of life for my customers/followers/friends.

So while brainstorming, I was doodling circles (like I always do) and writing words that popped into my head. When trying to write In The Round (like as in, knitting in the round), I accidentally wrote ontheround (just like that) and immediately I knew that was the name for me.

It's perfect for several reasons, I will go into some detail.


I LOVE to knit In The Round. My nana taught me to knit when I was about 7 and somewhere along the way someone gave me a book called "Sunny's Mitten's". It was that book that taught me to knit using 4 needles in the round and that was pretty much all I did up until my first year of college. I couldn't figure out why my stitches looked so different when I used straight needles. In college when I got serious about knitting I realized that I was missed an important detail- the purl stitch. Still, everything just seems easier to me, in the round.

Also, in terms of spinning- hello, the wheel goes aRound and aRound. I think you get that.


After coming out of a very dark time in college I developed this philosophy about "the full circle". I became very interested in "the process" and follow through, circles, cycles, individual parts making the whole, and so on. These ideas filled my mind, art, and attitude. It was these thoughts, belief's, and ideas, that strongly contributed in making me the person that I am today.

So that's pretty much why I'm ontheround.

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