Friday, April 23, 2010

Mission Accomplished!

Every few months, I sit down with my Lova, Evan and come up with goals for OTR. I've been setting goals for myself as long as I can remember- a habit that was forced upon me by my mother.

I used to hate having to come up with goals. Now that I'm an adult I find myself loving this practice- especially when I accomplish them.

One of my goals for this quarter was to reach 800 sales.

Well, by day 4 into my Moving Sale I hit my goal! 800 sales have come and gone and I'm still smiling about it. Obviously I'm really happy about hitting 800 sales, but more than that, I just LOVE accomplishing a goal. It gives me great satisfaction and keeps me endlessly motivated.

For me, the trick with goals is making sure that you will have to put a significant effort into achieving them, while still making them attainable. You don't want to set yourself up for failure- you want to succeed! And when you do, nothing can match that feeling! It builds confidence and makes you feel in control.

Today I encourage you to set a goal for yourself. Personal, professional, financial- whatever you like. Push yourself to achieve something that you want to accomplish. Write it down. Post it on the fridge or your bathroom mirror. And more importantly, accomplish it. Trust me, you'll love the feeling.

Be well, be positive- set goals.



  1. I've lost 4 lbs of my gazillion lb goal. Guess I gotta be happy with that! ILU

  2. congrats!!! this post is so funny to me because within the last few days, i've been thinking that i need goals... how i need a list of things to accomplish... and you know, for once i feel good about it!

    so thank you... for reminding me that setting goals, making lists... is a GOOD thing :)

  3. Congrats! You are a lovely shop and I have to admit that your accomplishment inspires me to take my Etsy shop to the next level so I can achieve success like you too. Looking forward to you celebrating your 1600th sale.

  4. Well my goal was to start a podcast once I managed to gain weight. I managed to gain the two and a half stone in weight so now I'm video podcasting. Always wanted to do acting. I love your fibre and yarn, they are wonderfully satisfying so keep setting those goals because you are brilliant.

  5. My goal was always to be an actress. But life and poor health got in the way. Now I've gained enough weight I am video podcasting. Your fibers and yarn are lovely and you are doing a brilliant job. Keep making your products because you have a good fan base. Well done.



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