Wednesday, May 28, 2014

{New Product} Card ALL the Punis...

It seems I've been bitten buy the Punis bug... I've been carding these tight little rolags constantly for the last couple of weeks!

Perhaps you are wondering, what are punis? Punis are a type of fiber prep, that, in the past have been most typically used for cotton spinning. Most recently they have hit the fiber market with a hip new twist and now you can find punis in all fiber varieties and blends. 

Punis are perfect for spindle spinning since they are equally as portable. I started carding them for myself because I intend on spindle spinning for the Tour de Fleece this year and I wanted to put some aside. I also have a fantastic batch patiently waiting for the tour from the fabulous Holly of Turquoise Owl Fibers. But I'll save my TdF plans in another post....

I'll tell you though, once you start making these cute little buggers- it's hard to stop! So, I've decided to offer some up in my Etsy Shop! I'll also be taking some with me to The Maine Fiber Frolic, the one and ONLY show I'll be vending at this summer!   

Here is a preview of the 3 limited edition, 1 oz sets I just listed today!

Rainbow! Hand dyed merino wool top

Dark Side of the Moon - hand dyed merino wool top

Agate - natural grey merino fleece with flecks of pulled Sari silk.

I will also be adding some punis sets in the natural collection as well which will feature Maine raised wool breeds as well as Alpaca, Flax, and Silk. Check in on my Facebook page or Instagram for more information on when they will be available!

For the full run down on Punis, check out Gourmet Stash's blog post here, Katy says it best!

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