Saturday, September 27, 2008

Putting yourself out there.

The hardest part about being an artist for me is putting myself out there on display. Well, not me so much I guess, but what I've made.

Today I wrote my first knitting pattern. For longer than I can remember I've wanted to design my own knitting patterns, and someday in the future have my own book. This pattern definitly won't be in my book, but I'm on my way.

Any publishers out there looking for an inexperience sculptural knitter? No? Okay, just thought I would try.

Knitting the shirt was easy. Writing the pattern was a challenge, but I think I did a good job. Sending the pattern to an ontheround customer who is going to try it out for me was scary as hell! I'm still sweating from the experience and all I had to do was upload the doc into an email and hit send. I feel like every one of my flaws is on display. I'm probably going to continue sweating until she finishes the peice and responds. Until then I'm going to have nightmares of incorrect measurments, too big arm holes, and spelling errors (I didn't have my mom edit this one, she doesn't understand knitting pattern lingo).

I much prefer making things and happily storing away in the closet for ever. That's not scary at all. If only I could make a living being a closet artist.

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